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Virgin River Gorge – Interstate 15

I-15_Arizona_Virgin_River_GorgeThere are plenty of gorges in Southern Utah but locals know if you say “The Gorge” you are referring to the strip of I-15 that cuts through the Virgin River Gorge just south of St. George. The Gorge is a strip of highway that basically follows the Virgin River where it has cut a beautiful canyon. The construction of this segment of highway saved travelers about 1-1.5 hours in their drive to Las Vegas from St. George.

SP07VirginRiverGorgePDI never cease to be amazed when I drive through the gorge. You can still see striations from the dynamite blasting that  was required to build the road in the early 1970’s. In fact, it was the most expensive stretch of rural interstate built in the United States. Besides the blasting and rock removal that took place in order to squeeze the road through the narrow canyon, the river, itself, had to be re-channeled twelve times during the project.

The canyon is still a popular place for hiking, camping and rock climbing. I always look to see if I can catch a glimpse of the mountain goats that make The Gorge their home. (Click here for information on camping in the gorge.)

Besides the the fascinating construction and the beauty of The Gorge, locals also know that the road has quite a few quick turns and that auto wrecks there are too frequent and often deadly. If there is a place to obey speed limits, The Gorge is most certainly one of those places. Be careful as you travel with the other 23,000 other motorists that cruise through on an average daily basis.

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