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Locally Owned St. George Restaurants: Which is Your Favorite?

“Where should we go to dinner?”

sushiIt’s a question that we have asked how many million times. Saturday night, I rattled off my answer, “I don’t care, but maybe Benja’s, Pasta Factory, Cappeletti’s, or Mad Pita.” It dawned on me that the four options I chose were all locally owned restaurants here in St. George.

We have some excellent locally owned restaurants here with a variety of food at a range of prices. And I love that these local owners are often the head chefs, they are very personally invested in their food and their service, and they are an active part in our community. The welcome at some of these restaurants is often personal.

We opted for Benja’s on Saturday night. Jenny was craving the Spicy Basil roll. Benja has two locations, one in Ancestor Square, the other just west of the mall.  We ate at the latter. An unexpected perk was the live music that was going as well. We sat front row listening to guitar music, eating sushi, and downing Pad Thai. I’ve never been disappointed eating at Benja’s.

Benja’s gets the shout out today because that’s where we ended up eating, but I trust that any of the options I suggested would have provided good food.

Sometimes finding the best local places takes a little investigating but it’s worth it as I generally enjoy the friendly atmosphere and food. And hey, why not help our neighbors’ by giving them our business?

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