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Life Changes: Marriage (Questions To Ask Before)

Getting Married in Southern Utah: Topics and Questions That Should Be Discussed Before Marriage

ringsMarriage is the most life changing commitment I have ever made. I went into it full of love and adoration and for the most part unbelievably blind. Fortunately, things have worked out for us, but I can’t help but believe that things may have been a little less rocky along the way if my eyes had been a little more open to what my “I Do” was tying me to.

It doesn’t matter if you are getting married here in St. George, Utah or in Lexington, Tennessee. There are some topics of discussion that may help you see more clearly what to expect from each other and the future. I don’t believe your answers to these questions have to match. I do believe that it can give you insight to where compromise might be necessary, and there is the chance that you may find some non-negotiable points and figure out how to deal with them before the lifelong commitment has been made.

Use these suggestions as points of discussion and use the knowledge you gain to make wise decisions.


  • Do you have outstanding debt? What is our plan to get rid of it?
  • Do you budget?
  • What are your savings habits? Do you have a plan for retirement saving?
  • Do you always pay off your credit card? When is it okay to go into debt?
  • Is maintaining health insurance important to you?
  • Do you believe in donating to charities?


  • Do you want children? How many?
  • How do you see our interaction with extended family? Will we spend holidays with extended family?
  • Was your family close when you were growing up?
  • What is your vision of a successful family?


  • Do you both plan on having careers?
  • Are you both responsible for household chores? Who cooks? Who cleans toilets? Who does the laundry? Who maintains the cars? (These don’t have to necessarily be decided but it is useful to know if there are certain expectations.)
  • If you both work, what are the thoughts on child care? If a child is sick, who misses work?


  • Is religion important to you? How important is it?
  • Will your children be raised within a particular religion?


  • Do you believe in monogamy?
  • Do you have limits that you are unwilling to explore beyond?
  • What boundaries should exist in relationships with people/friends of the opposite sex?
  • What about birth control? Types?


  • Where do you see yourself living? Whose home/apartment will we moving into?
  • Is there a particular location that is important to you to live?
  • Do you plan on buying a house? What type of house do you envision buying?
  • What happens if one of your jobs requires a move?

Good luck in your decisions and planning! Marriage is a great thing and the more you can do to plan for a solid start, the more enjoyable your marriage can be.

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