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Life Changes: Divorce (Eligibility)

Getting Divorced in Utah: Am I Eligible for Divorce in Utah?

eligibleAccording to Utah Courts government website, only two requirements must be met in order to file for divorce in Utah.

  1. One of the parties must reside in a single Utah county for at least three months immediately before filing for divorce.
  2. If a minor child is involved and custody is an issue, the child, usually, must reside with one of the parents in Utah for at least six months. There are exceptions.

The Utah Code also has provisions if one or both of the spouses are in the military. Click here to examine the Utah Code related to eligibility and divorce filing.

Good luck in your search for answers. I hope this is helpful.

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Two attorneys in St. George, Utah that practice family law are Sam Draper and Adam Caldwell. The primary source for information on this site has been the Utah Courts Website.

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