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Have you REALLY done Pine Valley?

picture source: wikipedia

Anyone who has spent much time in St. George, Utah knows at least a little bit about Pine Valley and the Pine Valley Mountains that are the northern backdrop of St. George. It is one of the places that we desert rats find respite from the hot, summer heat.  It is one of those places that we desert rats go in the winter to remind ourselves what that white stuff that falls from the sky in the winter feels like. If we are one of the lucky desert rats, it is the place that we purchase our cabin (or second home) and enjoy the peace and beauty of the green meadows and mountains.

You may have attended or at least toured the old, pioneer Pine Valley church. You may have camped with the scouts or fished in the lake. You may have even gone tubing up on the west side of the lake. But…Have you hiked the mountain? Have you hiked to the highest peak in the Pine Valley Mountains? Signal Peak is the highest peak and is recognized as a strenuous hike. It is not a walk for wimps, but the view from the top is incredible.

As I was researching some of the details of this hike, I read a couple of opinions that the Forsyth Trail actually offered better views. I can’t say for sure from personal experience, but Signal Peak would be tough to beat.  Perhaps with all the other great outdoor hikes around Pine Valley hikes are sometimes overlooked. Take some time to discover the beautiful, less busy hiking areas around Pine Valley. Just remember to choose your hikes wisely—like I said, some of them are not for the wimpy.

Here are some great links with details that I found:

Detailed instructions on how to get there–

A little more history, detail and pictures–

Forsyth Trail option–

We, of course, have loved staying in cabins in Pine Valley and have helped sellers and buyers find their slice of heaven. We would love to help you!

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