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Gardening in Southern Utah

peasIt has been impossible to stay indoors the last week here in St. George, and with the rain that has fallen, the yards have started to come alive. If you are planning on planting a garden and haven’t started yet, NOW is the time to start moving forward.

Despite all the “fails” I have had trying to generate a productive garden here in the desert, I try each year and learn a little bit more each year. And I continue to be encouraged and inspired by the green thumbs who have success in Utah’s Dixie.

One of the best resources I have found to help me is the Utah State University extension site. They have a wealth of information specifically for our growing region. They also have classes and demonstration gardens to help the hopeful gardener. Also it is not limited just to vegetable gardens but they address all things plant related:

  • Desert Gardening
  • Flowers
  • Irrigation
  • Lawn
  • Fruits
  • Trees & Shrubs
  • Vegetables
  • Weather
  • Xeriscape

February’s Tip of the month (from USU):

It’s springtime in St. George!

Winter doesn’t last long in St. George, and usually by mid-February we can begin planting our gardens.  The weather in February is often ideal for planting early season vegetables such as peas, radishes, onions, turnips and spinach.  With March just around the corner comes warm soil temperatures that are perfect for carrots, beets, potatoes and lettuce. These plants all thrive in cool weather so take advantage of the nice early spring conditions! Hold off on tender vegetables such as tomato, pepper, eggplant, melon, and squash. These plants can’t handle any frost so wait until after April 1 (average spring frost date) before you plant them outside.  Click  Spring Planting Guide to find planting date suggestions.

Happy Planting!


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