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DIXIE ROCKS! Pioneer Park in St. George, Utah

Romping on Red Rocks: Pioneer Park, St. George

IMG_3573Hours—in fact, hundreds of hours—we’ve spent romping over the red DIXE rocks on the north side of St. George City. The rocks that are home to the sugarloaf or better known as the rock with DIXIE painted on it provide all sorts of places for climbing and exploring.

IMG_3571Our kids love to squeeze down the little “slot canyon” that we call ‘the Narrows’, not to be confused, of course, with Zion Canyon’s Narrows.  (It’s really just a deep crack in the rock. I don’t think it qualifies as a canyon.) We also see often see rock climbers practicing their skills, scaling walls small and tall.

IMG_1832Three of our favorite places to explore are the Narrows, the Scout Cave, and the Sugarloaf, but most of the time it isn’t about the destination but simply going up, over, around and in all of the rocks and caves and taking time to just explore. I don’t know if the names are official, but our kids love to crawl up ‘Cat’s Eye’ and ‘Devil’s eye’, two little caves off of the Narrows that lead you to the top of the rock. You may hike around for 20 minutes or spend a couple of hours there. It is a great place to get out of the house and enjoy our wonderful desert.

IMG_1843Pioneer Park has some picnic tables and one pavilion, but for the most part this is more of a rustic park. No playground or grass. Some trails are designated but mostly, you simply explore and find what the rocks have to offer.

To Get There: From St. George Boulevard turn north on 200 East. Drive to the very top. You can park at Dixie rock or turn right and go to the parking lot and trails further east. (That is where you want to park to be closer to the Narrows and Scout Cave.)

Living in St. George, most of us see DIXIE rock every day. It is a great place to live.

Let us help you find the perfect home here in Utah’s Dixie.IMG_1822  IMG_1837

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